Thursday, November 4, 2010

it's...... HOLIDAY!

Deepavali, an occasion I lookssss forward to... Fish curry! Mutton! And lots and lots of spicy stuff!!! Woo hoo~ I mean besides Hari Raya of course, since during Chinese New Year you don't get much spicy stuff...

Off to the first in the list is Aunt Chandrika. - My mom's friend -
Now, this aunt cooks marvelous curries and dishes. She makes idli as well (as far as I can recall from last year's visit). Then she made this special dish just for our visit; Pineapple Curry! Whoah, just amazing! The taste is indescribable! I especially love to deep my rice with overflowing curry...

Then later in the afternoon is Kavia Susu! - My friend -
He cooks... I mean, his dad cooks. I recommend the spicy prawn sambal and string hopper. Simply wonderful. I can't forget how spicy the prawn sambal is, and thinking of it just makes me crave for more.... *yum yum*

At night my relatives are coming. - Well, they're pretty much my cousins, uncles and aunts -
Tonight's menu is non-Indian food. Too much serving of one stuff can be fatal, there needs to be balance. Therefore, we're having non-spicy food instead! (I always associate Indian food with spiciness)

Still, it's Happy Deepavali to all of us!

Till then, Au Revoir~

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