Thursday, November 4, 2010

it's...... HOLIDAY!

Deepavali, an occasion I lookssss forward to... Fish curry! Mutton! And lots and lots of spicy stuff!!! Woo hoo~ I mean besides Hari Raya of course, since during Chinese New Year you don't get much spicy stuff...

Off to the first in the list is Aunt Chandrika. - My mom's friend -
Now, this aunt cooks marvelous curries and dishes. She makes idli as well (as far as I can recall from last year's visit). Then she made this special dish just for our visit; Pineapple Curry! Whoah, just amazing! The taste is indescribable! I especially love to deep my rice with overflowing curry...

Then later in the afternoon is Kavia Susu! - My friend -
He cooks... I mean, his dad cooks. I recommend the spicy prawn sambal and string hopper. Simply wonderful. I can't forget how spicy the prawn sambal is, and thinking of it just makes me crave for more.... *yum yum*

At night my relatives are coming. - Well, they're pretty much my cousins, uncles and aunts -
Tonight's menu is non-Indian food. Too much serving of one stuff can be fatal, there needs to be balance. Therefore, we're having non-spicy food instead! (I always associate Indian food with spiciness)

Still, it's Happy Deepavali to all of us!

Till then, Au Revoir~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

what 1 day can do

Had a great evening with Bala and Ms. Lee... As in the formalities of proper event, "thank you for gracing our day with your presence" Planning with Ms. Lee and Bala is never a headache, cause it's a crazy-go-wild time where crazy ideas pour out like nobody's business, but all in all, some things are achieved.

Ever heard how your strength can be your weakness? Seems difficult to comprehend, but honestly, it's something which is doable.

Till then, Au Revoir~

Monday, November 1, 2010


Right you are! This is the 2nd phase of internship that I'm going through right now. Writing for this blog ain't so hard either.

This time around, I've landed in a land far far away, where humans walk in and out of coffee shop, cars parked at the allocated parking lots, LEAVES dropping from the tree! Yes, it's a place called, Damansara Utama. It's been 2 months since I started internship (which by right I should have already been done with it, but I decided to stay on to help out till next year)

The place I'm interning now is called THE BrandLaureate. Great place, have lots of opportunities to learn and pick up and practice. Never a dull moment I would say! Bravo~ *claps claps*

Basically we do
- Events
- Events
- Office Admin/ Secretarial work

And eventually, meet up with people. Speaking of which, I should remind myself to get some pictures of myself of the event.

Till then, Au Revoir~

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just can't help saying it

The old adage goes, "time flies"!!! And it's so true, time literally flies... And 1 more thing we always forget to add in is that, "... and we can't catch it" As rock-bottom as it is, we still have to go on in life and just buck up!

Ever since co-op in September, during the short semester, things have never been the same. Changes here and there and everywhere. Well, I know because I'm not in the scene to experience it. It's always the 3rd person's spectacle that differs. Being the 1st person, you don't really realize the change until you sit down and ponder real hard till you have that constipated look on your face.

I've seen, and continue to see friends being buddies, people having great time bonding with each other, people getting closer and they're having the blast of their life (I presume). As much as I hate admitting that, yea, I'm left out of the picture, but then again, it's great seeing that things turn out to be better than worse!

Till then, Au Revoir~

Friday, October 29, 2010

I knew you'd say that

Everyone HAS it, just that some people have it more than the others... Some people actually outshine others because they have it more! Others who don't have so much of it stays low profile, but somehow, somewhere in life, EVERY one of us has to display it...

What's that? There're just so many stuffs that This could refer to, but I'm talking specifically about CONFIDENCE~

Speaking about confidence, most of my friends or those who have had contact with me will say I'm one who's confident. Well, I still work on it as I believe confidence is something which is not acquired, rather it's something which can be enhanced! And I do believe most people agree with me...

During the Brand Enrichment Series today, a guy talked to me and asked me questions about my foundation. Interning there for 2 months already, I thought most of the info is at my fingertips. Whoah, just few minutes of bombarding questions, I found myself a bit dumbfounded really at the operation of my foundation. 1, only 1 significant thing he mentioned was, "When you speak, no matter with anyone, anyone at all, you must be confident. That's what distinguishes you from others"

Now you tell me, the next time you want to compliment others for having confidence, do you say "Wow, you're a confident person", or "Wow, you have a lot of confidence"

Till then, Au Revoir~